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Kellie's Postpartum Journey: Part 1

39 + 5 weeks

Well, here we are folks…just waiting it out for baby #2 to arrive. Aside from our excitement, J's readiness to give baby sister endless love and playtime, and being prepared with all the "stuff," my body is physically ready to move on to the next chapter. I'm feeling stiff through my pelvis when getting up and down and am uncomfortable when walking. It's a huge effort to get up and down from the floor with my toddler, and even more of an effort to pick him up. I'm grateful that I've been moving around as well as I have been up until this point, which I attribute a lot to staying active and knowing the areas to target to keep me moving with less discomfort.

As I quickly approach my due date, I'm preparing by resting (when I can!), learning to share responsibilities/ask for my husband's help more (which J is slowly getting used to, but not without a fight some days), working on gentle mobility exercises, focused breathing and relaxing my pelvic floor and surrounding muscles, and staying hydrated. We're hoping that baby doesn't decide to come too late, like her brother did!

I hope you'll join me on my postpartum journey, as I navigate adjusting to life with two littles! I'll share the fun and frustrating adjustments of mom life, but I plan to focus on physical recovery and changes from pregnancy, labor/delivery, and breastfeeding, as I work to fit that all into our new routine. My goal in sharing this is to help you, as another new mom navigating a similar journey, know that you are not alone, show you areas to focus on, and help you decide when it's the right time to see a professional (as in seeing a physical therapist who specializes in postpartum recovery!) to safely achieve your goals.

See you on the other side!


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